John Kerry arrives in Iraq

US is trying to reach out and seek consensus of its major allies and partners for a concerted action against the growing might and territory of ISIS.
In a recent turn of events, US Secretary of State John Kerry reached Iraq to discuss further course of action in getting the world and Iraq in specific, of ISIS. He reiterated US commitment to stand by the newly formed Iraqi government to fight the brutal IS militants and help train the Iraqi soldiers. He also expressed his satisfaction over the progress made by the Iraqi government which was a must to jointly support the US against the Sunni militants.
US carried massive airstrikes last month after which the Kurdish forces were able to regain key points. Mr. Kerry silenced all doubts about the increase in number of combat troops in Iraq. He stated that US will other nations will help train and rebuild Iraqi army looking at the nature of threat which will take time to wipe out.
He also commended the Iraqis’ decision about a new national guard units that would be recruited locally and given the main responsibility for security in their home areas for which they might require some foreign assistance.
US had stated that the formation of an inclusive Iraqi government is a minimal precondition for expanded security assistance to Baghdad in its fight against the Islamic State threat which is predominantly Sunni. The new Shiite Iraqi PM Haider-al Abadi reaffirmed that all peace-loving sections are together like Shiite , Sunni and Kurdish populations to uproot the ISIS. Mr. Kerry had key meetings with Fuad Masum, Iraq’s new president, who is a Kurd himself and Salim al-Jubouri, the speaker of Parliament and a Sunni by faith.



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