Jharkhand approves Border Road Organization to recruit 11,800 workers

The roads near the border areas are of great importance in the current situation when Indian and Chinese armies are confronting each other in the eastern Ladakh region.


In a highly tensile situation, the Jharkhand Chief Minister has approved the Border Road Organization to recruit 11,800 workers from the state to implement critical projects including those in the China border.

Memorandum of Understanding

Jharkhand state will also sign Memorandum of Understanding with the BRO to ensure welfare of the workers being recruited. The MoU was prepared by the Prime Minister Office and the Jharkhand state labour department.


The workers recruited are to be employed in Operation Vijayak in Ladakh, Project Beacon in Jammu and Kashmir, Project Deepak in Himachal Pradesh and Project Shivalik in Uttarakhand


The BRO currently brings workers to Ladakh, Leh and Himachal Pradesh under “Mates-Local Network contact point”. This is being done twice every year. Once in April-May and in October-November.

Currently, the BRO has been given permission to recruit workers from Jharkhand under Inter-State Migrant Workmen Act, 1979.




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