Japan to confer Fukuoka Prize 2012 upon Vandana Shiva

imageJapanese Govt has adjudicated to honor Indian Environmental philosopher Vandana Shiva with Fukuoka Prize 2012 at an award ceremony in September 2012.

Vandana Shiva is the 7th Indian who will receive this prestigious award. 

Vandana Shiva:

  • A philosopher, environmental activist, author and eco feminist.
  • She edifies people about the thoughts for the love of nature.
  • Director of The Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology.
  • Founder of Navdanya, an NGO established in the year 1991.
  • Commenced her work in the field of conservation of traditionally used seeds, organic farming and fair trade.
  • 1993: Vandana received Right Livelihood Award (also referred to as the Alternative Nobel Prize is a prestigious International award to honor those "working on practical and exemplary solutions to the most urgent challenges facing the world today").
  • 2001: Vandana set up an international college for sustainable living.

Vanadana has authored more than 20 books. Her books include:-

  • Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability and Peace
  • The Violence of the Green Revolution
  • Monocultures of the Mind: Perspectives on Biodiversity and Biotechnology
  • Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Survival in India

Many of her books were translated into the Japanese language. The basic philosophy behind her work is Earth democracy.

Fukuoka Prize

  • A prestigious award and given for contribution in the fields of academy, arts and culture in Asia.
  • Earlier recipients include: Pandit Ravi Shankar, Padma Subrahmanyam, Romila Thapar and Ashis Nandy.



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