Jan 16, 2012 troop movement was purely training drill: Govt

imageDiscounting a media report on "non-notified" troop movement by army, the government informed Rajya Sabha that the exercise was undertaken for training purpose directed at refining mobilization drills and preparedness of the force. Defence Minister A K Antony held that the movement was purely for training purpose aimed at refining the mobilization drills and ascertaining operational preparedness of the Army in spite of untoward weather conditions.

As per a report by the Indian Express newspaper, the central intelligence agencies reported that on the night of January 16, there was an unanticipated and non-notified movement by key military unit around Delhi in the direction of the capital.

Nevertheless, Antony did accept in his reply that the 2 units did move from their bases. The para commando unit moved from Agra to the location of another unit in Gurgaon and the armoured division unit moved from its location (reportedly in Hisar) to Bahadurgarh on the night of January 16/17, 2012.



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