ISRO designing GISAT

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is creating a GEO Imaging Satellite (GISAT) which it plans to launch during 2016-17.
About GISAT:

The satellite will carry a GEO Imager with multi-spectral (visible, near infra-red and thermal), multi-resolution (50m to 1.5 km) imaging instruments. It will be placed in geostationary orbit of 36,000 km.

Functions:  GISAT will provide near real time pictures of large areas of the country, under cloud free conditions, at frequent intervals. That is, selected Sector-wise image every 5 minutes and entire Indian landmass image every 30 minutes at 50m spatial resolution. It will function as ‘an eye in the sky’observe earth from geo-stationery orbit, enabling continuous observation of Indian sub-continent, to facilitate quick monitoring of natural hazards and disaster.



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