ISIS running high on Pentagon’s concerns

US Concerned

The reaction of Defence Secretary to the barbaric beheading of a young American photojournalist James Foley by IS militants comes is quite alarming. Chuck Hagel has expressed serious concerns at the growing might, numbers, military strength and prowess of the ISIS. HE reiterated that ISIS is not simply a terrorist outfit which can be uprooted easily but it is based on an ideology which is deeply rooted and well-funded. Hagel while talking to media-persons in a press conference also stated that US will have to restrategize and maybe start in the parts of Syria which is under their control. Hagel although stopped short of giving out any hints of revising the scale of military campaign in Iraq, but said the possibility is open and can be considered.

Who are ISIS?

ISIS is one of the deadliest militant groups in the world. It was formerly a part of Al-Qaeda but took is present shape in April 2013 as it diverged from Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is the chief commander of the group who recently declare himself as the new Caliph of the new caliphate established by his fighters. The group has fighters recruited from many Western countries like France, Germany, UK, US etc. In Syria, the group was able to record considerable with the capture of Raqqa. Likewise the mid-2014 saw sudden rise of their numbers astronomically in the northern parts of the country.
ISIS gained notoriety and widespread media attention and coverage by their cold-blooded and open air slaughter of the Shia population of the captured towns in northern Iraq. Another thing that make them different from other such outfits is that they are the most wealthy militant group in the world in some cases more than the income of some small nations. They have amassed this wealth initially by their fund-masters who supported them against their campaign to uproot Assad but now gain wider part of their income from the captured oil-fields in eastern Syria.
Further on, ISIS have brutal military discipline and careful strategic control which has helped them win many cities and the large area of land which is under their control.



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