Is the re-infection of Covid-19 in Hong Kong dangerous?

The first evidence of a re-infection of Covid-19 has been reported by the researchers of Hong Kong. They also stated further research is needed on the issue to make a clear idea about the re-infection as only one report has been noticed so far.

Antibody development

The antibody is also known as immunoglobulin. It is a large, Y-shaped protein formed mainly by plasma cells. The immune system of the body uses it to destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

  • It has been noticed that the antibodies triggered by the were not available during the second reinfection.
  • Multiple differences have been found in the sequences of the previous infection and the re-infection.
  • Neutralizing antibodies are responsible for binding to free virions, inhibiting their ability to infect cells. These usually taper off resolved.
  • Antibodies usually disappeared after an active infection is cured
  • According to an immunobiology expert, it is natural and an ideal instance of the working procedure of human immunity.

Virus nature

The second infection clearly indicated the immense viral load that is subject to disappear with time. It is linked with the possibilities of a person being infectious, even without any symptom.

Immunity issue

  • The re-infection is dependent on multiple factors i.e. immunity condition of the patient, the culture of the virus, mutations of the virus, etc.
  • According to the experts, the natural immunity created in the body after the first infection may not prevent the re-infection but it could definitely reduce the severity.

Vaccine development

  • Vaccinated people can not spread the virus to others so the possibility of re-infection is low in this case.
  • Strong immunity could be achieved through vaccination.

Considering the issue of re-infection the process of vaccine development should also follow the path of achieving the state of immunity that could protect a patient from re-infection.




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