Iran space mission sends monkey to space for second time

Iran has revealed that it has successfully sent a monkey into space for the second time in 2013 as part of a space mission aimed at manned space flight.
As per Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, the monkey – named Fargam, or Auspicious – came back from space in perfect health. For this programme, Iran used a liquid fuel rocket technology for the first time. In January 2013, Iran had claimed to have sent a monkey to an altitude of about 120km (75 miles) in a Pishgam rocket for a sub-orbital flight before returning successfully to Earth. However, the success of the first monkey flight was debated when a different animal was shown in images released after the touchdown. But Iran rebuffed those debates explaining that the picture of another monkey was mistakenly which was undergoing suitability tests.

Why the West apprehends Iran’s space programme?

The Western nations have raised concerns over Iran’s space programme as they fear the technology could be used in ballistic missiles. Iran is already under international pressure to give up its alleged nuclear programme and is also under the US imposed crude oil trade embargo for the same reason.



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