Iran requests INTERPOL to issue “Red Notice” to President Trump

Iran had recently issued an arrest warrant for US President Donald Trump. Also, Iran has requested INTERPOL to issue a “Red Notice” and detain him from power. Iran believes that the drone strike that killed Irani General Qassem Soleimani was carried out under President Trump.


INTERPOL is International Police Organization. It is not a part of United Nations. Its headquarters if located in France. It was founded in 1923. The organization facilitates world wide crime control and police cooperation.

Notices of INTERPOL

INTERPOL issues 8 different types of notices. They are as follows

  • Red Notice: The notice is issued to seek the location and arrest of a person. It is the closes instrument of an international arrest warrant
  • Blue Notice: To locate or obtain information about a person in a criminal investigation.
  • Green notice: To warn about criminal activities of a person when the person is a threat to public safety
  • Black Notice: To obtain information about unidentified bodies
  • Yellow Notice: To identify a person who is unable to identify himself or herself or to locate a missing person
  • Purple Notice: To provide information about procedures, devices and modus operandi used by criminals.
  • INTERPOL-UNSC Notice: The notice informs INTERPOL members that the person is subjected to UN sanctions.




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