IOC formally opens new Headquarters in Switzerland

On Olympic Games’ 125th anniversary, International Olympic Committee (IOC) has formally opened its new headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland. The innaugration of new headquarters comes exactly 125 years after Olympic Games were revived.

Key Highlights

The International Olympic Committee was founded by Pierre de Coubertin, who was a great visionary and brought together entire world together in one peaceful competition.

The Olympic Games are a symbol of hope and peace for all humankind, to signify this rooftop of headquarters takes the shape of a dove which is another universal symbol of peace.

Eco friendly construction: The Olympic House has been built on site of former Olympic headquarters, and 95% of old materials were reused and recycled. The renewable energy supplied to building is provided using solar panels on roof and pumps taking water from Lake Geneva.

Signature Feature: of building is a central staircase linking together 5 Olympic rings. It is designed by architecture firm 3XN of Denmark, the energy-efficient building has won international awards for sustainability. It also brings over 500 IOC employees together under one roof.

Cost: The new headquarters costs 145 million US Dollars.

On occasion of Olympic Day, another reason for IOC members to gather in Lausanne was to choose 2026 Winter Games host for which candidates are: Stockholm-Are (Sweden) and Milan-Cortina (Italy).

International Olympic Committee

It is a non-governmental sports organisation headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Sport’s governing body was created by Pierre de Coubertin and Demetrius Vikelas on 23 June 1894 in Paris, France.

Function: It is the authority responsible for organising modern Summer and Winter Olympic Games.


Members: 95 active members, 44 honorary members, 2 honour members (Senegal and United States), 206 individual National Olympic Committees (officially recognised by IOC).

IOC is governing body of National Olympic Committees (NOCs). The NOC are national constituents of worldwide Olympic Movement.

Current President of IOC- Thomas Bach of Germany




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