International Response to Article 370 Abrogation

In response to the abrogation of Article 370, international bodies and foreign nations have expressed their reactions and responses to it.

While most nations have welcomed the decision of the Indian Government, claimed that it is an internal matter of India, a few nations have expressed concern over India’s steps which they have called arbitrary and detrimental to the peace process in Jammu & Kashmir.?

Reactions of Pakistan

  • The nation of Pakistan which shares an uneasy relationship with India over the state of Jammu & Kashmir has decided to downgrade its diplomatic relations with India.
  • It has asked the Indian Consul to leave the nation and recalled its own.
  • Pakistan has also shut down part of its airspace which will cause additional fuel burn and loss of time for Indian commercial aircraft flying over Pakistan.

Reactions of Maldives

The tiny island nation of Maldives has stated that the Abrogation of Article 370 is an internal matter of India and it welcomes all efforts for peace and reconciliation in the valley.

Reactions of China

China also expressed concerns about the safety of Kashmiri people, voiced “serious concerns” and critiqued the move by India. However, India reacted sharply to Chinese statements and asked the Chinese authorities to look to their own affairs before preaching to others.

Reactions of the US

US has taken note of the recent developments and is primarily appearing to back India on this issue.

Other reactions

The nations of Sri Lanka and UAE have also decided to back the Indian government’s move on Kashmir.

The Big Picture

India’s sudden moves on Kashmir appear to have isolated Pakistan diplomatically, with only China supporting its stand. This can be attributed to the careful diplomatic politicking by the Indian diplomats and national leaders.


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