International Conference on Population and Development

A national workshop on the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) was organized on the occasion of the World Population Day in New Delhi. The theme of the workshop was ‘International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)@ 25 years Leveraging Partnerships . The workshop was attended by the various Union Ministers and senior dignitaries of the health ministry.


The function was organized on the sidelines of the World Population Day.

The World Population Day of 2019 is the 25th anniversary since a landmark International Conference on Population & Development (ICPD) was held at Cairo in 1994.

The ICPD marked a paradigm shift from prior policies and places an individual at the center. The ICPD provides for an individual’s choice, rights, and empowerment.

The ICPD focuses on achieving consensus on universal education, reduction of infant & child mortality, reduction of maternal mortality and access to reproductive & sexual health services including family planning.

The 25th anniversary of the ICPD provides an opportune moment for the world population to investigate the agenda of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

Efforts of Government of India

The government of India is increasingly focused on ensuring a gap between births. This will improve maternal and child health indices. The government is also focussed on developing new communication/IEC materials to improve the uptake of spacing methods. This will address various myths and misconceptions. The Government also aims to ensure the category of oral contraceptive pills and improving the uptake of Condoms and Injectable Contraceptives in the national population.


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