International Civil Aviation Day

Every year, the International Civil Aviation Day is celebrated on December 7. It is celebrated by the United Nations and several other international organisations.

Theme of International Civil Aviation Day 2021

In 2021, the International Civil Aviation Day is celebrated under the following theme:

“Advancing Innovation for Global Aviation Development”             

Why does ICAO celebrate the day?

ICAO celebrates the day to commemorate the signing of Convention on International Civil Aviation. It was signed on December 7, 1944 in Chicago. The ICAO was established under this convention. It is a United Nations agency that coordinates air travel. The convention on International Civil Aviation established rules for aircraft registration, airspace, safety, sustainability and security.

Role of ICAO

  • The International Civil Aviation Day is celebrated by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) since 1994. It is a specialised and funding agency of United Nations.
  • The ICAO recommends practices related to flight inspection, air navigation, border crossing procedures. It defines protocol of investigation of air accidents.
  • The technical body of ICAO is Air Navigation Commission.

What is the need to celebrate the day?

According to United Nations, more than 120 million passengers travel by air on daily basis. The air travel industry supports 65.5 million jobs. The day highlights the significance of aviation in improving global connectivity. Thus, it is important to celebrate International Civil Aviation Day.

Unique about the theme of the day

Unlike the other international days, the theme of International Civil Aviation Day is selected once in five years. It was previously selected in 2019. However, the day is celebrated annually. Till 2023, the day will be celebrated with the theme chosen in 2019. The next theme will be selected in 2024.




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