Integrated Low Cost Sanitation (ILCS) Scheme

What this Scheme is About?
  • The “Integrated Low Cost Sanitation” Scheme aims at conversion of individual dry latrine into pour flush latrine thereby liberating manual scavengers from the age old, obnoxious practice of manually carrying night soil.


  • ILCS scheme was initially started in 1980-81 through the Ministry of Home Affairs and later through Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.
  • The scheme was transferred in 1989-90 to Ministry of Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation and from 2003-2004 onwards to Ministry of UEPA/HUPA.

Objectives & Progress:

  • The scheme has helped in constructing/converting over 28 lakh latrines to liberate over 60000 scavengers so far. While implementing the ILCS scheme, it was observed that the scheme did not perform well due to various reasons.
  • To make the scheme more attractive and implementable the Guidelines have been revised w.e.f. 17th January, 2008.
  • The main objective of the Scheme is to convert low cost sanitation units through sanitary two pit pour flush latrines with superstructures and appropriate variations to suit local conditions (area specific latrines), but 25% of the funds of the scheme are also made available for construction of new latrines where EWS households have no latrines. Under the Scheme, central subsidy is 75%, State Subsidy 15% and beneficiary share is 10%. The upper ceiling cost is Rs.10,000/- for the complete unit. For the States falling in the category of difficult and hilly areas, 25% extra cost is provided. 2009-10 is aimed to be the last year of the scheme.
  • Within the last one year, States of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Nagaland and Assam have stated that they have no dry latrines in their states. Presently only four States remain in the country who need to address this issue namely, Bihar, Uttarakhand, J&K; and UP. Under the revised guidelines of ILCS, a total of 2,49,534 units for conversion and 36,396 units for construction have been sanctioned so far. (inputs from Press Information Bureau )




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