INS Kavaratti, anti-submarine warfare ship launched in Kolkata

INS Kavaratti, Indian Navy’s latest anti-submarine warfare class stealth corvette was launched on 19 May 2015 in Kolkata.
Kavaratti is the last of the four anti-submarine warfare class stealth corvettes being built for India under Project 28.
Features of INS Kavaratti

  • It weighs 3,300-tonne and has a length of 109.1 metres and measures 13.7-m at beam.
  • Propelled by four diesel engines and can reach a speed of over 25 knots. It has an endurance of more than 3,400 nautical miles.
  • It is 90 percent indigenous, thus adding feather to the cap of the domestic manufacturing for the Indian Naval forces.
  • Equipped with an X-shaped hull, full beam superstructure, inclined ship sides and an Infra-Red Signature Suppression (IRSS) system increase the stealth feature of the ship.
  • It has a Total Atmospheric Control System (TACS) making it capable fight in nuclear, chemical and biological warfare conditions.
  • Designed by the Directorate of Naval Design and built by Garden Reach Ship Builders and Engineers (GRSE) under Project-28.

Project-28: Under this project four anti-submarine warfare class stealth corvettes were to build. Kavaratti is the last of four. Others are INS Kamrota, Kadmatt and Kiltan.
INS Kamrota was delivered and commissioned in the Indian navy in 2014. INS Kadmatt and Kitan are expected to be delivered between 2015 and 2017.



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