Induction of Ninja UAV by Indian railways for better surveillance

The railway has inducted unmanned aerial vehicles named Ninja for monitoring tracks and workshops and enhancing security surveillance systems. The drone technology will also be used in rescue, recovery, restoration operations at disaster sites.

A team of Railway Protection Force has been trained for drone operation, surveillance and maintenance.

A total of 9 drones have been procured by the RPF so far. They are further looking for inducing 17 more drones in operation. The camera mounted in the drone can cover an area similar to the area that could be inspected by 8 to 10 RPS personnel.

Unmanned aerial vehicle

It is a type of vehicle usually an aircraft without any human pilot on board. It can be operated with a ground-based remote controller or by using artificial intelligence technology. It is very useful for conducting surveillance operations where human entry is not possible or has a possibility of danger.

Railway Protection Force

RPF was established by the Railway Protection Force Act, 1957 to provide better protection and security of railway passengers and property.




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