Indra-2017: Joint Indo-Russia Tri-Services Exercise successfully conducted

The Joint Indo-Russia Tri-Services Exercise INDRA-2017 was successfully conducted from 19 to 29 October 2017 at Vladivostok, Russia. It was India’s first joint tri-services exercise and also first between Russia and India. It was also first time Russia has hosted Tri-Services Exercise on its soil.
The theme of INDRA-2017 Exercise was ‘Preparation and Conduct of Operations by Joint Force for Suppression of International Terror Activity at the request of a host country under UN mandate’.

Key Facts

More than 900 soldiers, sailors and air warriors from Indian Army, Navy and Air Force participated in exercise along with over 1000 personnel from Russian Defence Forces. The exercise was conducted in Sergeevsky Combined Arms Training Range, Cape Klerk Training Area and in waters of Sea of Japan.
The scope of 11-day exercise included professional interactions, establishment of joint command and control structures between Indian and Russian forces and elimination of terrorist threat in multinational environment under UN mandate.
The army exercise tasks involved check point defence and humanitarian convoy escort in back drop of threat from armed groups. Naval tasks comprised Visit, Board, Search and Seizure (VBSS) operations besides Joint Air Defence, Force Protection Measures and Anti-mining Operations.
The Air Forces of both countries, combined their air crews for Combat Air Patrols, Reconnaissance Missions, Formation Flying and slithering operations by utilising Russian fighters, transport aircraft and helicopters.


The bilateral INDRA exercise was annually conducted by India and Russia since 2003. The name of the exercise INDRA has been derived from INDia and RussiA. So far, INDRA exercises were undertaken between respective Armies, Navies and Air Forces, separately engaged with each other without concurrent participation from other Services. Since 2003, 17 such service specific exercises with Russian defence forces have been conducted.




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