India’s spices export registered 41% increase in April-Dec 2013

As per the data released by the Spices Board at Kochi, the India’s spices export in rupee terms registered an increase of 41% in the current financial year (April-Dec 2013). The total volume of 1,93,625 tonnes seed spices valued at Rs.1,906 crore has been exported against 1,09,067 tonnes valued at Rs.1,008 crore in the previous year.

  • Seed spice basket had registered 78 % increase in volume and 89 % in value.
  • Cumin registered a prominent increase of 89 % in volume and 83 % in value.
  • Mint and mint products viz. mint oils, menthol and menthol crystals topped the item-wise list.
  • Value-added products viz. spice oils, oleoresins, etc, fetched Rs. 1,242 crore by exporting 8,665 tonnes.
  • Pepper and cardamom (small) marked an increase of 41 % and 23 % respectively.

 Note: Indian spices export is on course to touch $3 billion by 2016-17.