India’s first COVID-19 dedicated hospital set up by Reliance India in Mumbai with Negative Room Pressure

On March 23, 2020, Reliance had set up the first hospital of India that will operate exclusively to treat Corona Virus patients.


The Reliance Group of Companies in collaboration with Brihanmumbai Municipal corporation has set up a COVID-19 Centre at the Seven Hills Hospital in Mumbai. The centre is completely supported by Reliance Foundation. It has all required infrastructure including a negative pressure room. The Negative Room Pressure technology is used to isolate patients.

Negative Pressure Room

The Negative Pressure Room is a technique in medical centres that prevent cross-contamination. This allows air to flow into the room and prevents air from escaping out of the room.

In this technique, air is allowed to flow inside the room through a small gap under the door. The air in some cases are filtered using UV radiation or chemical means before being sent out.

How is the pressure determined in the technology?

Smoke test is used to determine negative pressure. A tube with smoke is held at the bottom of the negative pressure room door. The direction of travel of the smoke helps to determine the working of the system. If the smoke travels outwards, the room is not in negative pressure.




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