Indian Railways launches Mission Satyanishtha on ethics in public governance for its employees

Indian Railways had organised a programme on Ethics in Public Governance and launched Mission Satyanishtha at a day-long event held at National Rail Museum, New Delhi. It was first of its kind event organised by any government organization in the country.

Mission Satyanishtha

The issue of ethics, integrity and probity in public life has been matter of concern all over government sector across the country. In this context, it is also extremely important that all railway servants adhere to impeccable conduct and integrity at all times.
Mission Satyanishtha aims at sensitizing all railway employees about need to adhere to good ethics and to maintain high standards of integrity at work. Under it, talks and lectures on subject were organised all over Indian Railways for this purpose.

Objectives of Mission Satyanishtha

  • To train every employee to understand need and value of ethics in personal and public life.
  • To deal with ethical dilemmas in life and public governance.
  • To help understand policies of Indian Railways on ethics and integrity and employee’s role in upholding same.
  • To develop inner governance through tapping inner resources.



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  • Sunil Kumar

    Poor productivity, poor work culture, poor efficiency, etc are as unethical as is Corruption. Unless the Supervisory levels are empowered & enabled to take total responsibility & made fully accountable for results, they will feel & remain cogs-in-the-wheel. How to improve productivity, by the various methods as used by the Japanese & practiced at Maruti etc. must be the most important part all training of Ethics & Inner Governance for Improved effectiveness.

  • Sunil Kumar

    There must be role clarity. Who in Railways are the Visionary, responsible for long term plans for developing people & new technology? Who are the administrators? Who are the Result Producers? The result producers, RP, must be given freedom to produce. The seniors shouldn’t be wasting time in Managing the RP but on creating systems, training of RP, providing resources as facilitators not as bosses. RP must decide what help they need from seniors. Why has Railway failed to modernise with all the best people? Why are non operating & supervisory people growing but there is shortage of trained men willing to work on ground. Overhaul of systems is needed as part of Ethics