Indian Railways inducts first digitally enabled High Horse Power Locomotives

Indian Railways in collaboration with General Electric (GE) has inducted two Digitally Enabled Locomotives based on state of art insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology. The two HHP prototypes locomotives were wholly designed in India under Make in India program and manufactured under Public Private partnership (PPP) through MoU with GE.

IGBT Technology

It has three-terminal power semiconductor device primarily used as electronic switch. It gives combined advantages of high efficiency and fast switching. It offers greater power gain than standard bipolar type transistor combined with the higher voltage operation and lower input losses.


GE is providing locomotive technology to Indian Railway and by 2025, through joint venture company (Indian Railways has 26% stake) it will manufacture 1000 fuel-efficient locomotives (100 per year) for freight traffic hauling. 700 locomotives will be 4500HP WDG4G and rest 300 locomotives will be of 6000HP.
Initially 40 fuel efficient diesel locomotives will be manufactured in GE facility at Erie, Pennsylvania, US and rest 960 diesel locomotives will be manufactured in Marhoura, Saran District, Bihar. It will start loco manufacturing from October 2018. Locos will be maintained in Roza, UP and Gandhidham, Gujarat.
Features GE Locomotive: They are four stroke engine, 12 cylinders, 06 traction motors, Safety features for self-load, AC Dual Cab locomotive, toilet facility, Upgraded Computer Controlled Braking (CCB system), Fuel Efficient locomotive, Electronic Fuel Injection system, IGBT based traction technology, compliant with India’s UIC emission norm.



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