Indian Railway launches one touch ATVM

On October 24, 2019, the Indian Railways launched the “one touch ATVM” at 42 suburban stations. The purpose of the service is to render fast ticketing to millions of commuters, especially in the Mumbai Suburban Network.


  • The machine will reduce wasting time of the passengers.
  • It will greatly ease the load on ticketing system of Mumbai Suburban Network.
  • The features of the one touch ATVM is that a passenger can obtain ticket in two steps. Earlier machines had 6 steps
  • The machine will also provide platform tickets.

About ATVM

  • ATVM are Automatic Ticket Vending Machines. They work on Linux software.
  • The machines operate on a smart card. The card is to be placed on a slot and the user has to select the route and destination. The machine confirms the details and ticket is printed.
  • The menu options are tri lingual.
  • After issuance of the ticket, money is deducted from the card.




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