Indian origin scientist Ashutosh Tiwari discovers fast SnO conductor to replace silicon

A team of scientist in US led by an Indian-origin Ashutosh Tiwari has discovered Tin Monoxide (SnO) conductor to replace silicon.
SnO is a new kind of 2D semiconducting material for electronics that opens the door for much speedier computers and smartphones that consumes less power.
Key discovery

  • SnO semiconductor is made of the two elements tin and oxygen. It is first stable P-type 2D semiconductor material ever in existence.
  • It is a layer of 2D material with thickness of only one atom and consumes less power. It has ability to allow electrical charges to move through it much faster (100 times) than conventional 3D materials such as silicon.
  • Applications: This semiconductor material can used in transistors which are the lifeblood of all electronic devices such as computer, graphics and mobile processors.

Currently, transistors and other components used in electronic devices are made of 3D materials such as silicon that consist of multiple layers on a glass substrate. These materials have downside as the electrons bounce around inside the layers in all directions consuming more power and lower speed.



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