Indian Navy launches underwater Harbour Defence Systems in Visakhapatnam

Indian Navy has launched the state-of-the-art Harbour Defence Systems, viz. Integrated Underwater Harbour Defence and Surveillance System (IUHDSS) in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Besides, Mine Warfare Data Centre (MWDC) was also launched.
IUHDSS and MWDC systems seek to enhance the Indian Navy’s surveillance capability and response to security threats at the Naval Dockyard in Visakhapatnam.
Key facts

  • IUHDSS: It is a multi-sensor system capable of detecting, tracking, identifying and generating warnings for all types of surface and underwater threats to Visakhapatnam harbour.
  • MWDC: It will collate, classify and analyse data collected by the Indian Navy’s Mine Hunting Ships from various ports along the East coast.
  • This state-of-the-art facility will be the nodal centre for maintaining an underwater information database of harbours along the East coast.


  • Post 26/11, the Indian Navy was made responsible for the security of the country’s vast coastline of 7516 km in coordination with other agencies like Indian Coast Guard (IGC), Marine Police, Fisheries, etc.
  • The creation of the Sagar Prahari Bal along with induction of Fast Interceptor Crafts (FICs) and commissioning of the IUHDSS are some of the Navy’s measures to strengthen security in the post 26/11 scenario.

Note: India’s first Integrated Underwater Harbour Defence and Surveillance System (IUHDSS) was commissioned in Kochi, Kerala in August 2015.



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