Indian Government’s outreach to Global Indian Diaspora

Given India’s large population and the wide variety of skill sets available in the country, India remains a leading source of workers and skilled immigrants globally. In the United States, the Indian American community, which is barely a fraction of the population (1%) are among the Nation’s most educated, wealthiest and business-driven ethnicities in the nation.

Why the Indian diaspora matters?

The Indian Diaspora is a great source for investment, remuneration and skill return to India. Hence, the Indian government regularly invites the Indian Diaspora to functions in India and abroad to honor them and provide them an avenue to contribute back to India.

What events are organized?

  • One such event is the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas which is organized in India.
  • The Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas is a celebratory fete organized for the Indian Diaspora on the 9th of January of each year.
  • It aims to mark and motivate the contribution from the overseas Indian community in the development of India.
  • 9th January was chosen because it was the day Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa in 1915.

What is happening now?

  • Over 40,000 people have been registered from the Indian-American community for the diaspora meet ?Howdy, Modi!? in Houston, Texas.
  • The gathering will be addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 22 when he would be in the US for his address to the UN General Assembly session.
  • The gathering is to be hosted in the NRG football stadium of Houston which holds a large concentration of over half a million Indian-Americans who are mainly employed in the energy and finance sector.
  • The tagline of the gathering is ?Shared Dreams, Bright Futures? and it will also include a small cultural program that will aim to reflect on the contributions made by the Indian-American to the United States.

Why Houston matters?

Houston is referred to as the unofficial energy capital of the world. Energy is one of the key concerns before the Indian Government. Furthermore, as per existing economic data, India is Houston’s fourth-largest trading partner behind Brazil, China and Mexico.


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