Indian firm proposes to set up power plants to Pakistan

Delhi-based Desein Private Ltd, a power consultancy firm, has submitted proposals for offered its services to the Pakistan government for the production of cheap electricity. Pakistan is currently going through a massive energy crisis. The Indian company has proposed the setting up of power plants that will use local coal or lignite.
Desein, which provides services in India and the U.A.E., has proposed to conceptualize the power plant, including site selection, project development, engineering, construction and commissioning.
What is Lignite?

  • Lignite is a low grade variety of coal which has low carbon content and thus it has low heating capacity.

Coal is found mainly in four varieties:

  1. Anthracite: Highest rank of coal, is a harder, glossy black coal used primarily for residential and commercial space heating.
  2. Bituminous: It is also of good quality, used primarily as fuel in steam-electric power generation, with substantial quantities used for heat and power applications in manufacturing and to make coke.
  3. Peat: It has industrial importance as a fuel in some regions, for example, Ireland and Finland. In its dehydrated form, peat is a highly effective absorbent for fuel and oil spills on land and water. It is also used as a conditioner for soil to make it more able to retain and slowly release water.
  4. Lignite: Lowest grade of coal and used almost exclusively as fuel for electric power generation.




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