Indian Army conducts Akraman–II defense exercise in Rajasthan

Indian Army on 26 April 2015 conducted a major exercise ‘Akraman-II’ in Rajasthan.
The exercise was conducted by the Chetak Corps, a part of South Western Command based in Bhatinda, Punjab.
The exercise aimed to test a new generation of weaponry and platforms which are employed in the desert region to provide ‘real time battle and situational awareness’ to its commanders.
In this exercise more than 300 Combat Vehicles including Main Battle Tanks, Long Range Artillery Guns participated along with 10,000 troops.
The Akraman-II exercise also tested the capabilities of Indian Air Force in launching deep insertion of helicopter-borne and airborne army units.
The exercise envisaged at orchestration of an integrated battle field scenario in network-centric environment.
This orchestrated environment was an integration of reconnaissance, electronic warfare & surveillance and communication assets in order to provide real time battle and situational awareness to commanders.



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