India wins team event at first Mallakhamb World Championship 2019

India emerged as winners in the team event at the first-ever Mallakhamb World Championship at Shivaji Park in central Mumbai on February 17. In the two-day tournament, approx 100 participants from 15 countries – Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, USA, Iran, Norway, England, France, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Bahrain, and hosts India – competed. The team championship was won by India with 244.73 points, while Singapore stood second with 44.45 and Malaysia came third with 30.22 points. During the event, German mallakhamb team coach Ruth Anzenberger presented an audio-visual presentation about the workshops and practice of the ancient Indian sport held in his country. The German team also demonstrated their skills on rope as well as pole mallakhamb. The traditional sport is characterised by athletes performing a variety of yogic and gymnastic poses while suspended from a rope or on a pole.


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