New India-UK bilateral scheme launched on Pilot basis

UKEIRI Mobility Programme: Study in India, a new India-UK bilateral scheme has been launched on pilot basis to support Britain’s universities to collaborate with Indian partners to facilitate United Kingdom (UK) students to visit India during their studies. UKERI stands for ‘UK-India Education Research Initiative’.

About UKEIRI Mobility Programme

It is an initiative of Universities UK International (UUKI) and British Council India.

Objective: To fund students from UK to visit India. It also aims to generate up to 200 opportunities for undergraduate students at UK universities to visit India by March 2021.

Target: Study in India programme will support national as well as institutional-level objectives to increase levels of outward student mobility from UK to 13% by 2020. This target is set out in UUKi’s “Go International: Stand Out” campaign.

To reach its goal UKEIRI Mobility Programme will support Britain’s universities to collaborate with Indian partners to send UK students to India during their studies.


Programme will be funded by UK Government and Government of India as part of Phase 3 of UKEIRI and delivered by British Council, Universities UK International (UUKI) and Educational Consultants India Limited (EdCIL)  in India.

Under programme the priority will be given to students from traditionally underrepresented groups to visit India during their courses.



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