India to deliver INS Sindhuvir to Myanmar

India is to transfer the Indian Naval Ship Sindhuvir to the Myanmar Navy in the near future. The INS Sindhuvir is a Kilo-Class Submarine. With this, Myanmar is to get its first submarine.


India is to transfer the INS in accordance to SAGAR Policy. SAGAR is Security and Growth for All in the Region. Alongside, India will also supply artillery guns, tanks, bullet-proof jackets to the Myanmar military.

About INS Sindhuvir

It is a Sindhughosh-class diesel electric submarine of the Indian Navy. These were designed under Project 877. It was built under an agreement between India and Russia. The submarine has a diving depth of 300 metres and a displacement of 3,000 tonnes. KILO is its NATO reporting name.

Kilo Submarines

They were brought into service in 1980. The Kilo Class submarines were built by the Soviet Union under Paltus project. These submarines are well suited for anti-shipping and anti-submarine operations. Lada Class Submarines of the Russians are the successor of the Kilo Class Submarines.


The policy was unveiled in 2015. It aims to deepen security cooperation with the maritime neighbours of India. Also, India aims to ensure free, inclusive and open Indian Ocean Region under the policy.


With the Chinese increasing their influence in the Indian Ocean waters, it is important for India to enhance its international maritime cooperation. Thus, India is strengthening its maritime relations with QUAD countries such as Japan, Australia and USA and also with Myanmar.

India, Thailnad and Myanmar are building The Asian Trilateral Highway. Also, India is building the Kaladan Multinodal Transit and Transport project that has been delayed in the last couple of years. This will connect India with the ASEAN countries. India and Myanmar hold IMBAX, bilateral army exercise to build and promote closer relations among the armies.

Also, Myanmar is India’s Gateway to South East Asia. Also, it has the potential to act as a link between the ASEAN countries and India.




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