India restricts export ban of HCQ drug

On April 7, India announced restrictions on export of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) drug.

What is the issue?

India had imposed ban on export of HCQ drug to prevent the shortage of the drug in the country. The United States and 30 other countries including some of the SAARC countries have been pressuring India to remove the ban. The United States lately has been forcing India upon its ban as the shortages in US has been increasing greatly.

The United States is a major importer of HCQ and other drugs. The other countries that are demanding India to remove the export ban include Brazil, Germany, France, UK, Australia, Israel and Gulf countries. India considering their requests has put on restrictions to the export ban, meaning the ban has not been removed completely.

Significance of HCQ

The Hydroxychloroquine drug is one of the four mega methods considered for trials to contain the spread of COVID-19. The drug is used in the US as a preventive measure. The drug is recommended to asymptomatic patients that are in close contact with the COVID-19 patients.




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