India ranks 44th in 2016 Global Connectivity Index

India ranked 44th with total score of 30 among 50 different countries in the 2016 Global Connectivity Index (GCI) report compiled by Chinese telecom giant Huawei.
The GCI analyzes the full spectrum of measurements for connectivity and provides a detailed map of the global digital economy. The index benchmarks 50 countries on the basis of its ICT infrastructure including broadband, data centers, cloud services, big data and IoT in the scale ranging from 0 to 100. These 50 countries, account for 90 percent of global GDP.
Key facts

  • Top 10 countries in 2016 GCI: United States (score-74), Singapore (72), Sweden (70), Switzerland (68), United Kingdom (65), Denmark (64), South Korea (63), Netherlands (63) and Japan (62).
  • BRICS Comparison: China (Rank-23, Score-44), Russia (26, 43), Brazil (30, 39), South Africa (21, 39) and India (44, 30).
  • India’s Neighbours: Pakistan (Rank-50, Score-21), China (23, 44) and Bangladesh (49, 23).
  • India’s related facts: India with a GCI score of 30 ranks low 44. However, India’s flagship initiatives like ‘Digital India’ are driving growth and improved broadband penetration. Such initiative will enable last-mile connectivity, connecting for the first time many people and enables a whole new opportunity for the telecom operators.




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