India ranked 108th in WEF's Gender Gap Index

India has come at 108th position in the recently released Gender Gap Index 2018 by World Economic Forum. India was ranked at the same position in 2017 rankings as well.
The Global Gender Gap Report is published annually by the World Economic Forum since 2006. The Global Gender Gap Index is an index that measures gender equality across four key pillars which are economic opportunity, political empowerment, educational attainment, and health and survival.
Iceland has been ranked as number 1 in the WEF’s Gender Gap Index for the 10th consecutive year. It has been able to close about 85.8 percent of its overall gender gap. Norway (83.5 percent) came at the second spot, Sweden (82.2 percent) at the third, and Finland (82.1 percent) claimed the 4th spot in the rankings.
Other countries in Top 10: Nicaragua at 5th, Rwanda at 6th, New Zealand at 7th, the Philippines at 8th, Ireland at 9th and Namibia at 10th.

About India in the Gender Gap Index 2018:

  • India has improved in wage equality for similar work subindex of the Gender Gap Index 2018.
  • It has been able to fully close the tertiary education gender gap for the very first time.
  • India has been ranked 142nd in the economic opportunity and participation subindex out of total 149 countries.
  • As per WEF report, India needs to get more women into senior and professional roles to make more improvement in the rankings.
  • India widened the gap in health and survival subindex. It continues to rank third-lowest in this subindex in the world. It has made the least improvement in this parameter in the last 10 years.
  • India has closed 66 percent of its Gender Gap and is slightly ahead of the  South-Asian region. South Asian region was ranked second-lowest in the index having closed only 65 per cent of its gender gap.

The world has closed 68 percent of its gender gap as per the Gender Gap Index report. At the current speed, it will take about 108 years to close the overall gender gap in the world. And after 202 years there will be parity in the workplace in the world at the current rate of change.




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