India: PM kicks off election campaign with promise of New India

Indian PM has kicked-off his election campaign with a promise of ‘New India’. The Indian Prime Minister is enjoying a wave of renewed popularity after a recent face-off with Pakistan. The 68-year old leader has vowed to bring more economic growth and a prosperous society for all sections of the Indian population. All the three rallies which he conducted at northern India had seen attendance by tens of thousands of supporters.

PM Modi stated at a rally in a Meerut City, “This country has seen governments that only made slogans, but for the first time, they are seeing a decisive government that knows how to demonstrate its resolve. Our vision is of a new India that will be in tune with its glorious past…India’s 1.3 billion people have already made up their minds. Once again, a Modi government is going to be formed in this country”.

The ruling party which is led by PM Modi is widely believed to retain power in the election which will begin on April 11. It is said that around 900 million people are of voting age and hence eligible to vote. Indian General Elections which are held every 5 years is considered as the world’s biggest democratic exercise. The voting in India will take place in phases and will end on May 19. Later the ballots will be counted on May 23.

The terrorist attack on Indian convoy of CRPF men which had resulted in death of 40 personnel at Pulwama had led to a retaliatory attack by Indian Air Force on the terrorist camps at Balakot, in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir. Indian Air Force had used 12 Mirage 2000 jets to pound the area and destroyed all the terrorist camps operated by Jaish-e-Mohammad in the area. Both the countries saw a sudden rise in tensions after the incidents.

After the attack, many polls suggested that majority of the people who were involved in the survey wanted to see Mr. Modi to be the next Prime Minister if the ruling party BJP was able to bag a majority. The Prime Minister was congratulated by many supporters on social media.

The recent rallies which have shown growing public support for the leader have been conducted after India has entered the Super League of space as India successfully destroyed a low-orbiting satellite with a ballistic missile. The feat had hitherto only be achieved by China, US and Russia. The timing of the move was condemned by the Opposition as violation of electoral code of conduct as it has taken place during the election campaigning.



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