India funds Nepal’s Pancheshwar project to counter Kheri floods

India will provide fund of Rs 1500 crore to Nepal’s Pancheshwar multi-purpose project on Mahakali river for countering the Kheri floods in Uttar Pradesh.
This move of Union government comes after a delegation of MPs visited Nepal and had submitted their report to government.
Pancheshwar multi-purpose project

  • It is located at Narayan Ghat of Dharchula on Mahakali River( also known as Kali Ganga in Uttarakhand ) in Nepal. The height of dam is the 315 meters.
  • After completion dam will be the second largest dam in the world with a capacity of 6720 Mega Watt (MW) power production.
  • In case of power sharing, India has reached into an agreement with Nepal to procure additional electricity produced by project.
  • This project will regulate and control the free flow of Karnali and Mohana rivers which cause floods in Kheri, Pilibhit of Uttar Pradesh and other Terai districts of northern India.



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