India Fourth Largest Carbon Emitter: WRI Analysis

India is fourth largest carbon emitter in the world in terms of per capita emission accounting for 6.6 % of global emissions for the year 2012.
It was revealed by the World Resources Institute (WRI) in its latest analyses of the country-wise carbon emissions of climate-damaging greenhouse gases (GHGs).
According to the analysis figures of WRI,

  • Top 10 emitters are: China (25.26%), US (14.4%), European Union (10.16%), India (6.69%), Russia (5.36%), Japan (3.11%), Brazil (2.34%), Indonesia (1.76%), Mexico (1.67%) and Iran (1.65%).
  • Emission Disparity: Largest 10 emitters have contributed a majority of over 72% of global GHGs emissions (excluding change in land use and forestry). Six of the top 10 emitters are developing countries.
  • On the other hand, the lowest 100 emitters had contributed less than 3% of global emissions.
  • Sector wise: energy sector is the largest source of GHGs emissions accounting for more than 75% of global emissions.
  • Industrial and agricultural sectors also have significantly contributed in GHGs emissions.

The WRI analysis was based on data from its Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (CAIT) for the year 2012. It had analysed various economic sectors for the overall emission from different countries.



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