India, China to enhance Defense, Security Dialogue, reach $100 Billion Trade Target

India and China are ready to enhance defense and security dialogue and work in the direction of achieving the bilateral trade target of 100 billion dollars.

  • The agreement reached on the sidelines of the Rio+20 Environment Summit during a dialogue b/w Indian PM Manmohan Singh and his Chinese PM Wen Jiabo. India invited Chinese investment in infrastructure in India.
  • Both nations will establish strategic and cooperative partnership for peace and prosperity.
  • Indian will soon start exporting basmati rice to China as both countries agreed on a mutually agreeable quarantine protocol.
  • In the context of trans-border rivers issue, China assured that its hydropower project on Brahmaputra River in Tibet will not stop the water flow to India. It said that the dam is not that big to affect the lower riparian regions in India.



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