India- China: Informal summit at Mamallapuram

Both the leaders will be informally meeting at the coastal town of Mamallapuram near Chennai on October 11-13.

Key details:

  • This is the second India-China informal summit between both the countries, first being in Wuhan.
  • Informal summit lacks the pomp, protocol and ceremony formal ones, including delegation-level talks and pre-set agenda of the meeting.
  • Both the leaders are likely to visit several monuments in Mamallapuram, including the Pancha Rathas, Shore Temple and Arjuna?s Penance.

About Mamallapuram:

Mamallapuram is 50 Km from Chennai and was popularly known as Seven Pagodas to European travellers of 16th century. This place has unparalleled architecture which includes rock-cut temples, caves, open-air base reliefs built by Pallavas rulers. It has been declared as UNESCO world heritage site.


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