India 12th largest overseas holder of US securities in 2017

According to recent figures compiled by US Treasury Department, India is 12th largest overseas holder of US government securities. India’s exposure to it has risen sharply to high of US $144.7 billion at end of 2017.
The preliminary data from June 2017 benchmark survey of foreign portfolio holdings of US securities showed that total value of such holding was $18.44 trillion. Out of the total, $7.19 trillion was in equities, $10.29 trillion in long-term debt securities and $954 billion in short-term debt securities.

Key Facts

India holdings in US government securities in 2017 have raised except for few months when total exposure had declined. India’s holding of India went up to US $144.7 billion in December 2017, which was increase of little over $26 billion compared to year-ago period.
In December 2016, India’s exposure was just $118.2 billion. While holding at end of December 2017 is at one-year high compared to December 2016, the exposure was slightly higher at $145.1 billion in September 2017.
In 2017, China was largest holder of US government securities with holdings to tune of $1.18 trillion, followed by Japan at $1.06 trillion. Ireland was third with holdings of $326.5 billion followed by Cayman Islands ($269.9 billion), Brazil ($256.8 billion), UK ($250 billion), Switzerland ($249.6 billion), Luxembourg ($217.6 billion), Hong Kong ($194.7 billion) and Taiwan ($180.9 billion).  Among the BRIC countries, India had the third largest exposure while that of Russia was lower at $102.2 billion.



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