Independence Day: Modi's mantras for new India

Addressing India on the occasion of country’s 68th Independence Day, PM Narendra Modi made a sensational and motivational speech using catchy slogans expressing his vision and mantras for building a new India.
Excerpts from his speech:
Pradhan Sevak: “Today Indians, both in India and all over the world, are celebrating Independence Day. I convey my greetings to them not as a Pradhan Mantri, but Pradhan Sevak (prime public servant).”
Make in India: “We need to build up the manufacturing sector. I want to tell the world: Come, make in India.” It is an invitation to investors with a view to make India a manufacturing hub.
Zero defect, zero effect: “Our manufacturing should have zero defect so that our products should not be rejected in the global market. Besides, we should also keep in mind that manufacturing should not have any negative impact on our environment.” This underscores the importance of skilled workforce, while also keeping in mind the importance of protecting the environment.
Digital India: “India used to be called a land of snake charmers. Today, our youth has surprised the world with its IT skills. Our dream is to build a ‘Digital India’.” The digital focus was in consonance with Modi’s election promises of a new India and focus on IT.
He concluded his speech saluting the devotion, the sacrifices of the security forces of the country, para-military forces of the country, and all the security forces of the country to protect Mother India. He urged the countrymen with the quote  राष्ट्रयाम, जाग्रयाम्वयम्”, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.  He exhorted the countrymen to be vigilant and take the country to new heights and move forward with this resolution.



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