IIT Kharagpur decided to establish an ‘Academy of Leadership’

The IIT Kharagpur (IIT-Kgp) has decided to establish an ‘Academy of Leadership’, which intends to develop innovative programmes combining the core curricula in science and engineering disciplines with philosophy and liberal arts. This academy will be based not only on scientific and technical training, but the teachings of ancient philosophies, reasoning, systems engineering and the past successes and failures of humanity. It will be called ‘Partha S Ghosh Academy of Leadership’, named after management consultant/strategist and philanthropist Partha S Ghosh. The institute has already received donation of $1 million from Ghosh, who is often addressed as a ‘creative problem solver’ and a ‘visionary leader’ by the government and industry leaders across multiple nations in Asia Pacific, Europe and America. Under this academy, programmes would be developed to nurture leadership qualities in individuals and organisations.


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