ICMR: More than 40 vaccines under development of COVID-19

The Indian Council of Medical Research on April 12, 2020 announced that there are more than 40 vaccines that are under trial currently in India.


India from the beginning had been focusing on preventive and containment measures. The research and development in the country were also directed towards fulfilling the exponentially rising shortages such as ventilators, sanitizers, personal protective equipment, testing kit, etc. A very few researches focused on vaccines and so far there are 40 researches that are currently under development in the country.

Phases of Vaccine trials

The World Health Organization provides three phases of clinical trials for the vaccines. They are the clinical studies carried out to test the properties of the vaccine, studies that provide larger information about vaccine’s ability and the decisive phase if license shall be granted. The decision is taken based on data presented on the safety and effectivity of the vaccine.

No vaccines have reached the next stage. The vaccines are still under development stage.




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