ICICI Prudential Life Insurance launches AI-powered voice chatbot- LiGo

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance has introduced a chatbot service ‘LiGo’ on ‘Google Assistant’ for its policyholders. This will help ICICI policyholders to have their queries answered by simple voice commands.

The company is expanding its innovation with digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and providing convenience for its customers. Extending LiGo functionalities to Google Assistant is part of the company’s strategy to be present on platforms preferred by policyholders and to offer them an immersive experience.

How AI-powered chatbot helps in insurance penetration?

  • It helps in uninterrupted flow of business information
  • It provides automated claim support
  • Interactive power of Insurance chatbots exceed the capability of Insurance agents and serve as a virtual assistant in messaging apps on customers’ devices
  • Advanced underwriting since Insurance bots can automatically explore a customer’s general economy and social profile to determine their living patterns, lifestyle, risk factors and financial stability
  • Predictive Analytics for proactive measures backed by Machine helps in driving future insight about customer’s preferences and tailoring relevant products.

Thus, with such new-age technologies, policyholders can address every requirement during the policy lifecycle – from on-boarding to servicing the needs. For instance, customers can use the Company’s digital enablers to transact online and each of the digital enablers.






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