IABF, AAI de-recognized by Sports Ministry

The Sports Ministry de-recognized the Archery Association of India (AAI) with immediate effect for violation of Sports Code during its election of President. The move from government came after High Court in its Civil Writ Petition had directed that the government shall not grant recognition to the Archery Association of India unless they hold elections as per the Sports Code.

The ministry also decided to suspend recognition to Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF) after the International Boxing Association provisionally suspended the Indian federation for "possible manipulation" in its recent elections.

What are the violations? What are the directions for AAI?

What are the violations?

  • AAI did not follow the Sports Code and thus violated the age and tenure guidelines while electing Vijay Kumar Malhotra as its President.
  • Malhotra has served for more than 3 consecutive terms in the past and is also above the age of 70 years, which are against the Sports Code.

What are the directions for AAI?

  • The Sports Ministery has advised the AAI to hold fresh elections for the post of president and also to amend its constitution to bring it in conformity with the Sports Code and the Olympic Charter.



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