Hurricane Isaias hits the US State of North Carolina

Hurricane Isaias has hit the US State of North Carolina affecting the coastal areas of the region and also caused rains and winds up to 85 mph in the state. The severe hurricane made its landfall near the border with South Carolina in the US, causing flooding and leaving thousands of homes without electricity there.


Isaias was downgraded to a tropical storm last week after it had hit the Caribbean but now seeing its severity, it has been re-classified as a category one hurricane as it approaches the state further. The National Hurricane Center has also warned of the danger of life-threatening surge due to this hurricane. As of now, the storm is moving towards the eastern seaboard very quickly.

Preparedness of the Administration

The US Disaster Agency has made full preparations to handle this amidst the deadly COVID 19 pandemic in the country. The Centers for Disease Control have recommended families add COVID 19 items also to a disaster ‘go kit’ that can be taken in an emergency situation, comprising of Hand-Sanitizer, soap, disinfected wipes, at least two face masks per person, etc. The governor of North Carolina has already declared an emergency in the state and has urged the residents to be on a high alert all the time.




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