Hurricane Gonzalo hits Bermuda

Hurricane Gonzalo made landfall on October 17 in Bermuda, with rain and winds of speed 175 km/h.

Two storms

Gonzalo was the second storm to hit Bermuda this month. Earlier in the previous week, Tropical Storm Fay had damaged homes and knocked down trees and power lines.


Electricity supply was lost to 31,200 homes initially. Electricity was restored to two thirds of these houses by 19 October. The hurricane caused flooding, uprooted trees and damaged structures.

No loss of life

Only minor injuries were reported in the island. Gonzola was initially a category 4 storm as it approached the island, it weakened and was downgraded to a category 2 storm before it made landfall.

Deployment of frigate

Bermuda is a British overseas territory. The Royal Navy of UK had deployed a frigate, HMS Argyll, along with trained medical personnel to help with the provision of humanitarian assistance. The personnel will also help recover power, communications and water supplies, while a helicopter on the ship will carry out an aerial survey of the island.



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