Hungary: Statue of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto unveiled

Hungary has unveiled the statue of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto on September 16, 202.


  • The imposing bronze statue was unveiled in Hungary’s capital, Budapest.
  • This is the first such statue across the world to pay homage to the creator of Bitcoin digital currency.
  • It has been constructed in a business park near the Danube River in Budapest.
  • The bust sits atop a stone plinth and is also engraved with the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, who is pseudonym of the mysterious developer of Bitcoin whose true identity is still unknown.

Features of the statue

Statue is a featureless face of the bust and is wrapped in a bronze hoodie comprising the Bitcoin logo. The statue has been polished heavily in order to make it reflective like a mirror. Viewers can see themselves in the statue.

Creators of the statue

Statue has been created by Reka Gergely and Tamas Gilly. They have portray a human form and have stayed true to the anonymity of Nakamoto, the person nobody knows how do they look like.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin was created in 2008 in the backdrop of global financial crisis. Its aim was to circumvent traditional financial institutions by means of developing secure technology for peer-to-peer online transactions. It does not involve intermediaries like banks.  The founding white paper published in 2008 and was authored by Nakamoto.

About Nakamoto

Nakamoto is a pseudonym which can be referred to a person or group of people of unknown gender, age & national origin.




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