Historian Eric Hobsbawm passed away

imageEric Hobsbawm(95), one of the most famous historians of Britain passed away.

Eric Hobsbawm

Born : Eric John Ernest Hobsbawm, June 9, 1917

  • British Marxist historian of the rise of industrial capitalism, socialism, and nationalism.
  • Extensive work on many subjects. As he was a Marxist historiographer he focused on analysis of the "dual revolution" (the political French Revolution and the British industrial revolution).
  • Coined the term "long nineteenth century", which began with the French Revolution in 1789 and ended with the beginning of The Great War in 1914.
  • Became a member of Communist Party in England in 1936 and stayed with it long after Soviet military force crushed the Hungarian uprising in 1956 and the liberal reforms of the Prague Spring in 1968, although he publicly opposed both interventions.
  • Appointed a lecturer at Birkbeck College in London.
  • 1998: Conferred with Companion of Honour, placing him in the ranks of luminaries Stephen Hawking.

Some of his eminent work:

  • The Age of Revolution (1962)
  • The Age of Capital (1975)
  • The Age of Empire (1987)
  • Age of Extremes (1914 to 1991)
  • How to Change the World


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