High Security Registration number Plates (HSRP) mandatory in Delhi from now on

In view of growing number of cases related to vehicle theft, the Delhi Transport department has made high security registration number plates, HSRP, mandatory from now on. As per the new order, all newly registered vehicles will have to get the HSRP in the first phase.
Subsequently, the old or existing vehicles will be covered from the 15th of next month. Now, new vehicle owners will have to go to the local RTO to get the registration number. The Motor Licensing Officer, MLO, will issue an authorization slip to the owner who will then approach an HSRP centre to get a secure number plate. In total, Delhi will have 14 HSRP centres with one at each RTO.
The temper-free number plates on vehicles with high security features will help check cases of vehicle thefts. A High Security Registration Number Plate, HSRP, will be made of one millimeter thick aluminium plate with a retro-reflective sheet. It will have features like chromium based laser hologram, a non-reusable snap lock, a unique laser code of minimum seven digits and embossed registration number to prevent counterfeiting and duplication.
The rates fixed for HSRP are lowest in the whole country. Each HSRP for two-wheelers will cost 69 rupees while for a car the cost will be 214 rupees per plate. For three-wheelers, the cost will be 86 rupees.



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