HDFC Bank launches interactive humanoid IRA 2.0 in Bengaluru

HDFC Bank has launched Interactive Robotic Assistant (IRA) 2.0, an interactive humanoid at its Koramangala Branch in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The interactive humanoid aims to enhance user experience for customers visiting in this branch.

IRA 2.0

HDFC Bank has developed IRA 2.0 in collaboration with its technology partners Invento Makerspaces and Senseforth Technologies.  IRA 2.0 is more advance than first version IRA 1.0. It is blend of IRA 1.0 and Electronic Virtual Assistant (EVA), HDFC’s virtual bank assistant with some added features. It can interact customers, answer their bank-related queries, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and also guide them inside branch with voice-based navigation. It design has incorporated learning from first version IRA 1.0 to meet customer expectations.

IRA 1.0

HDFC was first bank in India to introduce humanoid IRA 1.0 for customer service at Kamala Mills Branch in Mumbai in January 2o18. Currently, IRA 1.0 is stationed at Palarivattom Branch in Kochi. IRA 1.0 is GPS enabled indoor humanoid. It has speech recognition module that can be trained to understand what customers speak and uses ultrasonic sensor to move in inside branch. It has face detection algorithm for recognition customers.

Electronic Virtual Assistant (EVA)

Its virtual assistant launched by HDFC on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to enable simplicity and convenience of voice conversation to banking transactions. It makes HDFC first bank to offer voice banking experience on Alexa. It is integrated with bank’s chat engine EVA for natural language processing (NLP) to better understand customers’ queries.



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